Termite Control

Modern Pest Solutions provides professional termite extermination and control. We have special expertise with termite pest control in the Waynesboro and Charlottesville area. Our area is home to subterranean termites that can be treated by either liquid or bait systems. Our technician is trained to ensure that you get the most comprehensive termite control and protection, without paying for unnecessarily expensive termite treatments from other companies.


Liquid Treatments

Traditionally, termite treatments are done by digging a trench around the perimeter of your property and filling it with a liquid termiticide.  The liquid sinks several feet into the ground to cover your foundation from termite intrusion.  The soil is then backfilled to cover the trench.  This is an effective method, and also cheaper than modern bait treatments.

Bait Treatments

Bait treatments are the future of termite control.  Baiting stations are installed around the perimeter of your home to attract termites.  There is an increased chance that the termite nest threatening your home will be destroyed rather than only providing a preventative barrier between your home and yard.  Also, no chemical liquid is used in the ground.


Ongoing Termite Control

On top of our termite control services, we offer ongoing warranties to make sure your house stays protective.  A warranty can be purchased every year that includes a free annual inspection and re-treatment of any resurgence of termites that are threatening your home.

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