Rodent Control

The forested Shenandoah Valley provides the shelter necessary for mice and rats, and the cold seasons of the area motivate mice and rats to storm into people’s homes through cracks in the foundation, broken foundation vents, and unsealed fixture entries.  This page offers information regarding our specific rodent control services for both mice control and rat control.


Initial Inspection for Mouse Control & Rat Extermination

Initial rodent inspection achieves two goals:

  • Assess the degree of infestation
  • Form a treatment plan

Rodent Exclusion & Rodent Prevention

Our technician has thorough knowledge in both construction and pest control.  This is necessary for a pest control specialist to understand the literal ins and outs of rodent behavior.  Some steps taken to exclude and prevent rodent infestation include:

  • Repair foundation vents
  • Install screens in attic vents
  • Seal gaps where plumbing or heating fixtures enter the home
  • Secure crawlspace doors
  • … and many more depending on your home or business

Rodent Prevention & Protection Service

Mice and rats have breeding and behavioral habits that typically require ongoing treatment to completely rid your property of them.  Strongly consider reviewing our pest control service program to find what you will need to fix this issue.

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