Ant Control

From Waynesboro to Charlottesville, homeowners and businesses are in need of ant control. Both new and older homes all have issues with ant pest control. Certain ants, such as carpenter ants, can hurt the structural integrity of your home or business. Even “sugar ants” may seem harmless, until they swarm your kitchen.

Proper Ant Control Solutions

For proper ant control, identification and understanding of the particular species of ant is necessary.  Depending on the type of ant will dictate the required response.  Some ants have multiple queens whereas some have only one and treatment is different for both.  Our pest control technicians have the experience necessary to make such determinations.

Structural Damage from Ants

Carpenter ants do not eat wood, but do chew and destroy wood for nesting.  Often times, carpenter ants inhabit more hidden areas in your home like framing members.  Destruction of framing members if left untreated may cause serious structural issues for your home.  It may also be discovered during the process of selling your home.  Be sure to seek treatment as soon as ants are noticed.

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